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Rock Gym In Houston

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This is a place for rock climbing for all age groups as you can spend some quality time with family & friends. Offering over 14,000 sq ft of climbable surface, 5 Auto Belays, 42 Top Ropes, a lead arch and a separate bouldering area, the Texas Rock Gym is a marvelous venue for all the rock climbing and gym addicts of the family, whatever their age. This is a huge facility where one can come & relax while doing the workout also taking a break from their busy lives.

It is safe for everybody as safety is the first priority that the Rock Gym gives importance to. The gym emphasizes safety and, in order to minimize the inherent rock climbing risks, all participants must take part in the gym’s safety orientation and belay training class, As this is a must before climbing the rocks. Climbing 101, regardless of previous climbing experience. Besides all of the above, the gym also offers Yoga, Tai-Chi and Kung Fu options. As it is not completely about Rock Climbing as there are many other activities that once have fun with friends & family.

Next Stop Saint Arnold Brewing Company

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If you are a Beer lover then this is the place that you would not want to miss. How about a treat for mom and dad? A visit to Houston’s oldest craft brewery is guaranteed to offer an interesting and enjoyable time when they drop into Saint Arnold Brewing Company. This Brewing Company has a history which makes it special.

You can also do the keg here. The brewery does everything from brewing and filtering the beer to kegging and bottling it as you can see behind the scene here. Then it’s up to the visitors to drink it & enjoy it. The company brew several different beers, some seasonal and some available all year round, as this is one of a kind of experience that you can get and can be found in grocery stores, liquor stores, bars and restaurants throughout Texas so do you want to miss it? Louisiana and Florida. You will be looked after by trained professional and courteous staff as you enjoy a tour then lunch and refreshments which has a special course (one of the breweries tasty beers of course as this is no surprise.) afterward.

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