The best things to do in Houston during your visit

What are the best things to visit in Houston?

Johnson Space Center

The first thing on your list should be to visit Johnson Space Center and Space Center Houston

Houston, we’ve had a problem.” This is one of the infamous phrase that had been said by the crew of Apollo 13 when it had some mid-flight issues on its way to the moon. There have been also movies made on this phrase. The astronauts from Apollo 13 were communicating with Mission Control on earth at this NASA space center, about 25 miles southeast of downtown Houston. Which is why this Space Center has a history from the first space launch & it should not be missed to complete on your watch list.

The history of this space center is as it opened in 1963 as NASA’s human spaceflight hub, the center still operates as one of the country’s major space centers for personnel training, research and more as this does not get old. As Travelers would be keen & interested in learning a little more about the space center’s history as you can find most of the information here & can check out the visitors center adjacent to the facility, Space Center Houston. Now do you really want to miss it on your visit to Houston?

The second thing on your list should be to visit the Children’s Museum of Houston

The name says it all as if you are on a trip with children accompanying you then this museum, just like its name suggests, is all for the little ones. They are going to love it.

This is one of the best places who are visiting with children for kids up to 35 months old. There is a Tot Spot which is complete with mirrors and a ball and pillow pit. Well older kids should not get disappointed as older kids will enjoy exhibits like Invention Convention, a mini engineering workshop, or EcoStation, where they could get hands-on experience

There is also an indoor/outdoor area where kids can do everything from bug collecting to leaf rubbings. As this would be a real-life experience.

The next thing you would want to visit is The Galleria

This is a place for everyone as kids & adults are going to enjoy it. The Galleria is just a fancy way to say “humongous mall.” ¬†As it is one of its own. This gargantuan shopping center is so huge that it sprawls across 2.4 million square feet of space with more than 400 stores. How many stores can you visit in a day? The massive mall predominantly contains upscale brands like Burberry, Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Giorgio Armani, Gucci and more. As all the top brands are here & you would want to spend a complete day in this mall. If those stores are out of your price range, you will find brands like Forever 21 and Gap here, too. As there are shops for everyone.

Frontline Striping

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